Retina Instruments

Bausch + Lomb Storz® Ophthalmic & Synergetics Instruments

In the surgical segment Storz® Ophthalmic and Synergetics Instruments
offer a wide range of surgical products, including a full array of microsurgical instruments for retinal surgery. With over 125 years of continuous optimization together with surgeons, our instruments truly enable trusted quality, reliable performance, and leading design.

Bausch + Lomb Storz® Ophthalmic and Synergetics Instruments offer single use, reusable handle with single use tips as well as reusable vitreoretinal instrumentation. This includes ILM forceps, end-grasping forceps, heavy membrane forceps, foreign body removal, myopic forceps, scissors, picks, illuminated instruments and pediatric instruments. Our vitreoretinal instruments range from 20g to 27g procedures.

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Retina Instruments

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